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Dakelh law recognizes the heads of our extended families as Keyoh holders also known as Keyohwudachun.

This law, and this title, predates the creation of the Indian Bands and Indian Reserves by the governments of British Columbia and Canada about 100 years ago.  The Bands and their Reserves are situated on just a small part of a few keyohs, but the governments assigned the members of dozens of keyohs to membership in these newly invented Bands. The Bands were not given title to, or authority over, the keyohs when the Bands were created, and they have not somehow obtained this title or authority in the intervening 100 years.

Today the families of the keyohs are also members Indian Bands, but none of these families have ever authorized those bands to act on their behalf.

The Indian Bands are delegated government agencies, managing health, education, housing, social assistance and other programs on behalf of the federal and provincial governments. 

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